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Little Observer (24 - 36 months)

The first few years of a child's life are when their brain grows and develops the most. 80% of your child's brain would have developed by the age of 3. Our Little Observer class focuses on building language, social, and motor skills through our hands on experiential programme with animal interaction.

Read on to find out what goes on in a class.


Your child will be introduced to a different animal each week. 


General learning objectives include the animal name, the alphabet it starts with, sounds the animal makes, what they eat, body parts, body coverings on the animals and their habitat, any interesting facts about the animals that are easy enough to understand for children their age.


Children learn through specially designed class activities that help them understand and absorb these facts through hands on experiences and play.


Through these activities, children pick up vocabulary, practice fine and gross motor skills, learn to take turns, follow instructions, work together with friends and get used to participating in a class setting. They also develop empathy over time through interactions with the animals.

Early exposure to animals provides many benefits to children and helps nurture the next generation to appreciate (and hopefully protect) the living things around us.


Here’s a sample structure for a Little Explorer class


Warm up and intro

Introduction of animal of the week

2 – 3 Hands on/experiential activities related to the animal

Craft segment related to the animal (when appropriate)

Music segment related to the animal (when appropriate)

Meet the animals


Building a habitat (if relevant)

Interacting and feeding the animal

Lesson re-cap

Goodbye segment



Book a trial class and enjoy a fun and engaging bonding session with your child today!

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