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Give your child a head start in science! We intrigue little minds with our animal interaction & hands on experiential learning experience. 

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Why Us

How does your child benefit?

What if homework wasn’t a chore? What if going to class was a joy? What if your child looks forward to going to class every single time? And comes back home excited to share what he found out in class?

At The Living Lab, our classes are carefully prepared to help your child in their brain development and also to develop an early interest and literacy in the living sciences.

Give your child a head start in science before they formally enter primary school

Narrow age group for classes to cater to the learning and brain developmental needs of each group 

Curriculum developed by co-founder who is an Ivy League graduate

Develop early interest and  literacy in life sciences with our hands on experiential learning expereince

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Research has shown that frequent animal interaction helps foster the social, cognitive, emotional and physical development of a child

How It Works

Our Curriculum


At The Living Lab, we aim to empower little minds to observe, think and question. We teach little ones about animals and plants through interactions with living things and real animals in every class.


We believe that children learn best when they are having fun! Our unique experiential animal interaction syllabus enables our students to better understand and absorb what they learnt in class. Through our lessons, our students gain early interest and literacy in biology and ecology, giving them a head start in science before they enter Primary school.

Our curriculum is developed by our co-founder who holds a degree in Biology from the prestigious Ivy League - The University of Pennsylvania and taught by qualified early childhood educators.

By exposing your child to our syllabus, they also develop critical thinking skills, social skills and soft skills like patience and empathy which are increasingly important in our ever changing world.

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What do our students & parents say?

Mother with her Child

"I was looking for a place like that to bring Dylan, to expose him to animals and learn about them. This is such a unique concept - I love it! Dylan really enjoyed learning about, and petting the quails and sea stars today!"

Chelsea, mom of 2 year old Dylan 

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